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What CHC Offers

Our events serve many different purposes and allow to come together to reach many of the same goals we may have for our children.

Park Days

On park days, we come together at one of the many wonderful community parks and allow our children to practice using their social and communication skills by playing freely.


Holiday Parties

Similarly, holiday parties help us build our community and allow our children to celebrate special occasions.

Field Trips

Many of our events help us accomplish many educational and intellectual goals like taking interesting field trips to places like museums and many other high-interest locations.


Book Club

Book clubs allow children to explore literature together and develop critical reading and discussion skills.


Co-op Classes

We also work together to provide co-op classes which provide lots of enriching experiences. Students will be able to choose from different courses taught by us!

Public Speaking Opportunities

Creativity and public speaking skills are developed through activities such as Show and Tell and the Art and Talent Show. We encourage our children to develop skills that will use in their everyday lives and impact them in a meaningful way.

Community Service

We also hope our children understand the importance of giving back and have community service projects such as visiting local nursing homes. 

For more details on specific events, please consider joining now and connecting with us on Facebook! We have many more activities and events planned.  There are so many opportunities to be involved.

What are the objectives of our events?

Children Embracing in Circle

To Build Community

We come together in learning and play and enrich each other's journey.

Boy with DIY Robot

To Grow Intellectually

We help each other learn and discover new things.

Top View of Kids Playing

To Use our Social Skills!

We put into practice communication, problem-solving and friend-making skills.

Children Playing Tug of War

To Have Fun!

Learning happens naturally when everyone is having a good time!

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