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Who We Are

We are a group of moms, dads and caretakers on the homeschooling journey with our children. We believe in the importance of community and in the value of helping our children build lasting, meaningful friendships. We seek opportunities for our families to learn, grow and have fun together!

Our Mission

The Cypress Homeschool Council seeks to give supplemental help to parents/guardians who are working to fulfill the educational and social needs of each child in their individual, private homeschool.  To accomplish this, primarily we organize group activities, which provide additional opportunities for the social and intellectual development of each child, that is beyond what a single homeschool can accomplish by themselves.

It is our purpose to provide various activities for homeschool children every month so that they can make friendships, and have many opportunities to explore the world and support their learning process. To accomplish that, each participating homeschooling family that joins The Cypress Homeschool Council has an opportunity to actively participate by:

A. sharing ideas
B. volunteering to lead, organize and plan group activities
C. volunteering to support the leadership of fellow parents
D. teach co-op and workshop classes
E. bring children to activities as much as possible

We wish to provide children with an inclusive, respectful, kind and safe environment at every event, field trip, etc. organized by this group.  We hope to build up and encourage one another while also maintaining a reputation that encourages attendance at our events and an environment where everyone feels respected and accepted. Therefore, member families are expected to follow a Code of Conduct. 


We believe that together we can achieve more.

Our Mission
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