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Are you interested in homeschooling your children? It may be intimidating to begin this journey but there are many resources to help you get started and feel more confident.  Check out the links below to help you get started!

Texas Home Educators
Are hybrid schools considered homeschool?

Answer: From the Texas homeschool Coalition:

The response from the THSC Policy team:

Thank you for contacting us with regards to this issue! There are many different variations of homeschooling, and the ability to mix and match these styles is part of the freedom that homeschool families enjoy. To be clear, "homeschooling" and "school at home" are not the same thing, but at the same time, we understand that it is not always simple to distinguish between the two. 


In general, a good rule of thumb to determine if a hybrid school is technically a homeschool would be to consider whether the parent is ultimately the administrator—the administrator being the individual who officially issues and signs formal documentation, such as report cards, transcripts, and diplomas. If the parent is doing all of this in a given hybrid school, homeschooling is the best categorization for this scenario. However, if a private external institution is issuing curriculum, grading coursework, and signing off on report cards and transcripts in a hybrid school, this could very likely place the student into the private school category, even if the student is allowed to do some work at home. Similarly to virtual public schools, this would just be "schooling at home," not homeschooling.


Following are a few examples to show how a hybrid school could differ. Private schools and university model schools that oversee all the student's work clearly fall under the private school umbrella, especially if the school is issuing the transcripts, report cards, and diplomas. However, similarly to a homeschool co-op, a homeschool program that might be similar to this could allow parents to select classes from their program to use as part of the parent's education plan, add those grades to their homeschool transcript, and complete other classes at home. This format would be a homeschool program for parents using it in this way because the parent is still issuing the transcript but just applying external courses, as they would do with any co-op class.

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