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I have 2 kiddos, Easton and Landon! My favorite things to do are cook, bake, read, DIY, and I love to go antique shopping! Before I became a stay at home mom I was a Licensed Veterinary Technician, I worked for GCVS which is a Specialty Hospital and I worked in the Surgical Department. While I worked there I had the opportunity to assist in various surgeries for various specialties (orthopedics, soft tissue, Dentistry, Ophthalmology and Avian and Exotics), run anesthesia, perform and assists in imaging diagnostics, and got to work with some amazing animals (both wild and domestic). I was given the opportunity to manage the GCVS Neurology department after a few years of being a surgical technician and I jumped at the chance to learn a new department. I managed the technicians and the day to day operations such as the MRI/CT schedule, surgeries and inventory and equipment management. There I had to opportunity to learn how to operate both the MRI and CT for various scans and also assist in some pretty interesting neurosurgeries (such as brain and back surgery). I decided to leave the practice after a few years so I could slow down my work schedule, while working for a Specialty hospital it was a lot of being on call and 12-14 hour work days. Plus my oldest son had already been born and I was pregnant with my second. I went on to become a practice manager for a general practice closer to home. I worked for that practice up until my second son was born. After he was born I decided to quit working and become a stay at home mom. There are days were I miss working with animals but I wouldn't change being a homeschool mom for the world. If you are interested in seeing what an animal specialty hospital does behind the scenes, GCVS had a show with National Geographic and it is on Disney Plus. The show is called Animal ER, it is pretty cool!

Michelle Schroeder