1. Read our
Code of Conduct
It's very important that all members feel safe and respected. Please see our Code of Conduct here.
2. Fill out the membership form below.
Fill out the form below. Feel free to email your questions to members@thehomeschoolcouncil.org
3. Get involved!
Attend an orientation meeting & sign up to serve in one committee.
4. Join us for some FUN!
Attend as many CHC events as you can and have fun!

This is the CHC registration form for the 2021-22 school year.

Please read the Code of Conduct before filling out the form below. If you have questions email the Membership Committee Chair directly at membership@thehomeschoolcouncil.org.

Choose at least three committees you would like to help with. The event coordinator will get back to you with the specific committee you will be a part of.
Check all boxes to verify that you have read and understand each code of conduct.

The Cypress Homeschool Council exists to support the home education of school-age children by their legal parents or guardians. To accomplish that goal, we wish to provide children with an inclusive, respectful, kind and safe environment at every event and field trip organized by CHC.

We hope to build up and encourage one another while also maintaining a reputation that encourages attendance at our events and an environment where everyone feels respected and accepted.

The Cypress Homeschool Council is a Texas domestic non-profit corporation. The board has three voting members: Adam Passey, Nohemi Passey, and Katie Wade.  Everyone else who joins is a non-voting member, or participant. While that is our legal status, we view participation in The Cypress Homeschool Council as an alliance among equals in which each participant holds a duty to improve the quality and consistency of events. Hence, The Cypress Homeschool Council is organized in committees to give parents the opportunity to be involved in the strengthening of our community.

The Executive Committee is formed by eight CHC participants who oversee different areas. The Executive Committee monitors the enforcement of the Code of Conduct and directs the dynamics and regulations of CHC. Many decisions are made at the Executive Committee level, however, all decisions are given final approval by the CHC board.

Our Code of Conduct is described below; every family who joins CHC is expected to agree and behave accordingly. Please read each statement below and check to the left of each statement to signify your agreement.